Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bday Pics

. Dane Cook and what I wore to see him : )

My Birthday

Saturday was my 23rd bday and it was great!!
It started off not so well but the night was WONDERFUL
All day Angela kept calling me to talk to richard b/c they were planning the night out. It was nice to see that angela would do that for me. She can be super nice when she wants to. Angela worked from 8am to 5 that day and I was told to be ready to go at 6ish. Angela also told me to dress up and look cute. I was excited b/c I love having a reason to dress up.
No one told me where we were going or what we were doing.. We went to olive garden for dinner. We had to wait a LONG time to get a table but I got to eat chocolate lasagna.. yummyum.. At dinner they told me what we were doing.


it was sooo awesome and funny!!.. Even if we had to stand outside in freezing weather for 2 hours- it was worth the wait.. Dane Cook is hilarious
here are highlights from the show
1) Talking about Ross
2) L-O-V-E jokes
3) Sneezing at Rite Aid
4) Jeez-its


I'll post pics later..
thanks to my friends for giving me an awesome bday

PS richard was too cute and sang me a song : )- i'll write more later while at work.. i'm not feeling so well right now so i'm going to beddy bye

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

an HOUR early! what what? haha

It's official. My work has decided to be nice enough to let us ALL off an hour earlier than usual today :) YAY

and what am i doing now that i know? writing a blog.. wow

fact of the day:

When Teddy has caffeine it makes her CRAZY. First she gets EXTREMELY hyper/happy. Then when it wears off all she wants to do is go to bed.. WONDERFUL

I got THE CUTEST email in the HISTORY of emails today.. i almost want to freakin publish it so every can see how awesome my boyfriend is.. but i'm not- bc that's lame and rude.. it's PERSONAL people GEESH

i went to starbucks today and got a pumpkin spice latte to get me in the holiday mood.. it was great.. and i convinced a girl from work to go with me that made it fun too

I realized i say the word "soo" a lot.. i'm going to try to cut back on that.. what am i? 6?? EXACTLY

tonight i'm going to stay the night at my parents house and cook for tomorrow.. ima try to go to bed early tonight.. i want to wake up at the crack of sparrow (as john would say) to go shopping at Target b/c there is a crazy good sale going on there.. i'm not going to list everything i'm getting b/c they might be presents for people who read this thingy : )

YAY for shopping- i'm way excited
wait i can put what i'm getting for myself i guess
Family guy season 3
the simpsons season 6
and mmaaayybe
some 10 dollar egyptian cotton sheets

i just took a 20 min break to sit and chat with co workers.. my boss left already and i'm out of here in half an hour

okay i'll go work A LITTLE now : )
muah to my baby
you are the best and i can't wait till saturday - MUAAH :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

quote of the day

this is for cara who misses chicken


"Cannibals say that human flesh tastes of chicken. So human tastes of chicken and chicken tastes of human."


I'm listening to Dane Cook right now

hahah no one gets it

i don't know if anyone likes this guy besides me but i think he's hilarious.. I straight out LOL

it's Tuesday and tomorrow is like FRIDAY.. FOUR DAY WEEKEND.. i'm too excited and i get to spend my BIRTHDAY (oh yea it's this SAT 11-26.. WOOHOOOO) with richard and whoever else is nice enough to stop by.. hmm should i be a jerk and make everyone go to Thai food?? hahaha
i probably won't.. i think i wanna go to happy veggie and i know me, rich and ang will like it.. OOOOH or we could go to Loco.. hmm i'm just assuming that at some point we'll want food.. maybe i'll NEVER BE HUNGRY AGAIN hahaha..

i'm really crazy right now b/c i'm listening to the comedian.. i think it's contagious.. craazzyy..
smelly markers.. THE RED ONE SMELLS LIKE CHERRIES-- i swear.. i don't know how they do it haha
ok i can't think to type.. i just want to type what he's saying.. ooh man
okay =
byebye :)
MUAH to my baby
I <3 you, my cutie : )

Monday, November 21, 2005


okay today i am TIRED.

i could go home and go to bed RIGHT NOW and sleep until tomorrow.. that would be sooo nice.. sweet sweet sleep

work has been uneventful today.. i got in early today- 740 am- and i was determined to get work done b/c i feel like i'm falling behind and maybe i'm not doign what i'm supposed to.. i don't want to get in trouble for not collecting like i should ya know?

soo i called like 6 people who weren't responding to my emails.. and NONE answered soo i left a bunch of messages for the first hour or 2 of me being here.. then i sent out emails to the people who do actually respond-- i don't know what to do if no one answers their phone.. i send out hmm 10 work related emails a day.. i fax, i call.. i feel like i do what i should..

ooh well i don't want to worry.. im a real worry wort and it stinks..
one day i'll learn how to stop but it appears that today is not that day..

I called richard on my lunch.. I helped him make his first atm deposit.. : )

maybe im so tired b/c of my girl-timeness.. i mean your body beats itself up then.. my stomach hurts so bad i just want to curl up in a ball and go to bed.. YUCK
i guess this month was a bad one for me..
some one should explain to me how it is i LOOK pregnant (b/c of bloatedness) when i'm not.. apparently it's 'cute' tho.. well if that's cute send me straight to the ugly train b/c it's HURTS being cute haha
yuckyuck, bed please.. i'm still here another 3 hours or something.. wow

hmm maybe if i listen to a comedian it'll help

To be continued...

Friday, November 18, 2005

it's been too long

it's been way too long since i've posted something.. richard is probably getting tired of looking for no reason hahah : ) HIII BABY
it's also been entirely too long since i've seen my baby..

i just got back from lunch and cara is emailing me too slow soo im FORCED to write a blog

apparently i'm going to see MxPx tonight.. that should be interesting..

you know what? i never wrote a blog telling what a GREAT and wonderfully mushy weekend i has last week with richard.. we were toooooo cute.. lying in bed together all day.. just giggling and tickling and funness all around

that's all for the mushy- well for the time being-

dude i tried some of this dressing from pick up sticks and it was SPICY.. it had horseradish in it or something and now my sinuses BURN like crazy.. and my nose is running.. i tried it 15 mins ago and i STILL feel it.. it was like taking that HUGE green chunk of wasbi they give to you at sushi and SNORTING it..

ok so i'm exaggerating a little bit but my sinuses do still hurt and it has been 15 mins.. ouchie couchie..

My boss rachel went out to lunch with Miller ( the head of the CO where i work) and he asked about me!! hahahahah

right before they all left i shot him a smile hahahah.. apparently i'm noticable.. or not

aww i miss my baby.. like every 5-20 mins it hits me.. i wannaaaa see him.. i think it makes my days longer b/c i'm wishing i was somewhere else with him..

okay now i'm just complaining.. i supposed i could find SOMETHING to do

Monday, November 14, 2005

a little bummed

okay so i'm a little bummed right now
it's premature bummed-ness too

A week or so ago richard and I decided to celebrate his bday on dec 17th w/ dinner w/ his parents and rue. And i had forgotten that, on that particular night, i'm supposed to be at my works holiday celebration/dinner thing.. I was even going to ask rick to go with me.. BOO to that!

i would much rather see my baby than go to some dumb office thingy.. but i'm new here and it's very political and competitive.. i don't wanna lose any ground b/c of not going.. yea i knoe richard will understand and not make a big deal out of it or anything but it's a big deal to me.. i really wanna be with him and go out with his parents.. i haven't really spent near as much time with his folks as he's spent with mine.. i wanna feel comfortable with them and that'll only happen with time too.. YUCK

i like how pickles taste but i don't like being in one : P

with richard living a hundred miles away i never wanna miss one opportunity to see him.. yuck yuck pooeeyyy

: (

i want this to work itself out now please

oh well an hour and a half left to work

Friday, November 11, 2005

i wanna run

so this blog should be called
sleep when you die and blog when you work
b/c that's what i do

soo today i get to see richard! yay
i'm a little worried i'm too tired to do anything but sleep tho.. when i see him i'll probably be re-energized (i hope)
the bad thing is i don't know when i'm going to see him.. angela needs a date for some dinner thing tonight and i'm gunna be it if she doesn't find someone else.. i've been trying to call her all day but she hasn't returned my calls or texts.. bllaahh

i wanna go b/c it'll be fun and i love hanging out with angela but part of me feels that i just wanna lay in bed ALL WEEKEND- from friday night to sunday night.. ooh that would be nice.. i'm sure after about 12 hours i'd need to eat tho..


i only have half an hour left at work.. YAY.. but boy has today been crawling by

i have nothing else to write i guess.. nothing to say but come one time hurry up!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

i'm witchy : P

So I'm at work- like always- and today i started getting really pissy about being bored.. "it sucks- blahblahblah"
I feel like I'm being ungrateful today.. to me that is terrible- it really bugs me when people don't see how lucky they are.. and today, that's me.. not seeing or knowing that things are going well..

i have a decent job that pays me enough to get by (granted i would like to be making more b/c i know i'm the lowest paid person here but i am fine with what i'm making right now b/c it more than pays my bills).. i have an amzing bf who is kind and caring and tells me he cant wait to see me.. but i'm being hard on myself and others.. i do that sooo much.. i have to keep my harshness in check b/c it's dumb and it's me not being ungrateful and not being understanding.

hmm this might not be making sense to anyone who reads it- but i get it- oh well..

i just got back from lunch and i realized that i said something harsh to my bf.. i don't know if he noticed (and i feel kinda dumb b/c he reads this) but he told me to relax and try to meditate and i was like 'that's GAY'.. wow that was mean of me.. i guess i was in a pissy-er mood than i thought.. i'm glad i realized it afterwards tho b/c i never used to.. soo now the new trick is being thoughtful B4 I open my big yucky mouth : P

This may not even be a big deal to anyone besides me but I reaally want to be a kind, understanding girl and sometimes I forget that.. soooooooo basically this was a NOTE TO SELF:
BE NICE, understanding, caring and kind.. those are all things you want HELLO
hahahahha- yea im a nerd but sometimes you have to will yourself to be those things

aahh i was supposed to leave work 10 mins ago!!
too much to do NOW : (


Monday, November 07, 2005

if you say soooo


im at home after a long day at work
i think that once lunch is over at work everything is 93435987 times better.. i feels like the day flies by then. but the mornings suck booty

sooo i've talked to my cutie already 3 times today.. and i wanna talk to him again before beddy bye.. FOUR MORE DAYS!!!!!! yay
I LOVE that i have a bf now.. it's great.. good company.. good kisses.. good conversation.. all around good : )

so i know it's already almost been a month (offically on the 10th) but i'm still in shock.. the last thing i ever expected was this. and it's the best thing at the same time..

soo this post, like 80% of the other posts, is dedicated to the wonderfulness that is my boyfriend

i know he likes it and i know i do too..


okay ima go watch the simpsons and giggle a lot
muah to my sexy silly spectacular bf :)

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Pics I Promised

These are some fun pics.. one is me as a psyco mini golfer.. the other is our pumpkins. i'm running away from james b/c i just got his back all wet in another.. and finally me and the best guy ever- my Cutie (aka sexy silly boy richard)

i have some from thai town that i want to put up too.. but i didnt' download them to this computer.. i'll put them up when i'm at home and not at my parents house


friday 1/2 left of work = BLOG TIME

It's friday.. I'm EXHAUSTED
awww cara just said something that made me miss my richard even more
we're both tired and she said she just wants to go home and curl up with someone and watch a movie.. but she can't


aannnd i'm over it
moving on
i really like what i'm doing at work a lot more now.. i basically just talk to people either via email or on the phone.. and everyone knows i'm a talker so it works out..

this week has been busy and tiring.. i've fallen asleep with richard on the phone twice.. opps
apparently last night i was sexy with whatever it was i was saying b/c it turned him on er something.. dang i must be GOOD hahahahha

all i really remember is being like come here and i miss you and junk..
i'm kinda sad i missed out on my being sexy hahah.. it's such a rare thing ya know??

i've really been missing my richard this week.. i love being held and cuddled... and i'm fully aware that this is waayy too mushy and cheesey and blah but I LIKE IT hahahhaha

James left last night.
That was a bit of a downer.. We never know when John's sons are going to be able to fly out again and it's usually years before they can.. John has awesome sons.. they are fun and funny.. it's FANTASTIC

okay i have 10 mins before i can leave work.. ima post pics tonight of the past week or two- they were great weeks with the fam.. i really enjoyed myself
okay i'm OUTTA HERE

ps i watched Aladdin last night and when i say 'OUTTA HERE' i think of the genie.. that guy is AWESOME haha