Thursday, November 10, 2005

i'm witchy : P

So I'm at work- like always- and today i started getting really pissy about being bored.. "it sucks- blahblahblah"
I feel like I'm being ungrateful today.. to me that is terrible- it really bugs me when people don't see how lucky they are.. and today, that's me.. not seeing or knowing that things are going well..

i have a decent job that pays me enough to get by (granted i would like to be making more b/c i know i'm the lowest paid person here but i am fine with what i'm making right now b/c it more than pays my bills).. i have an amzing bf who is kind and caring and tells me he cant wait to see me.. but i'm being hard on myself and others.. i do that sooo much.. i have to keep my harshness in check b/c it's dumb and it's me not being ungrateful and not being understanding.

hmm this might not be making sense to anyone who reads it- but i get it- oh well..

i just got back from lunch and i realized that i said something harsh to my bf.. i don't know if he noticed (and i feel kinda dumb b/c he reads this) but he told me to relax and try to meditate and i was like 'that's GAY'.. wow that was mean of me.. i guess i was in a pissy-er mood than i thought.. i'm glad i realized it afterwards tho b/c i never used to.. soo now the new trick is being thoughtful B4 I open my big yucky mouth : P

This may not even be a big deal to anyone besides me but I reaally want to be a kind, understanding girl and sometimes I forget that.. soooooooo basically this was a NOTE TO SELF:
BE NICE, understanding, caring and kind.. those are all things you want HELLO
hahahahha- yea im a nerd but sometimes you have to will yourself to be those things

aahh i was supposed to leave work 10 mins ago!!
too much to do NOW : (



Anonymous Anonymous said...

: )

no worries.

did you know the first idea the Chinese learn to write is "gratefulness" for their education! pretty awesome.

youre a sweetie and im lucky to have you.

27.5 hrs to go! plus or minus a few mph.

-your cutie

5:27 PM  

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