Monday, October 31, 2005

happy halloween

wow it's been awhile since i've said much..

i've been busy with decorating for halloween at work so that's where the free time went i guess,
I didnt bring my ipod with me today and am already missing it. Today is the perfect day to just sit and listen. I'm trying not to be stressed about my angela situation but it's really buggin me.. I've called her 3 times now and gotten no response.. Ima try to not worry until 11 tonight tho..

this whole situation makes me feel like poo.. yuck- pooooo.. I mean why is my best friends good friends with my ex? yes, she has every right to be but why would she want to be.. i guess he just squeezes his way into everyone's life.. yuckyuckyuck

i guess in persuit of not worrying i shouldn't be pondering how this whole thing is going to work out.. but it's difficult.. if angela wants me to just get over it all so i can hang out with them this is a real problem.. i dont think she understands that i'm over being with the boy but i don't want to associate with him and to do something that stressful/awkward you should really want it. i dont understand why she wants me to either.. is it just bc it is easier for her social life? wow that would suck but it probably is- ookkaayy boo. no more negative thinking..

woohoo- finally got my appointment with planned parenthood but its sat at 8am.. that's early : P but i said i wanted as soon as possible.. lord knows with my luck it'll turn out i have cancer and have 2 weeks to live hahaha..
wow that wouldn't be funny- bllaahh i'm tired

soo fun stuff happened this weekend too.. I got to see my honey and hang out with james. I sure did tucker myself out tho.. we did A LOT on saturday.. i'm just going to list it b/c describing each event would make this my longest blog ever and i don't feel like it

woke up at 12 and went to Hobb Nobb for breakfast
Went to balboa park to walk off breakfast
saw the 90 year old organ and fountain and botanical garden thingy
Went to old town- bought honey sticks, stole a pumpkin, walked up a hill to see houses
Went to mission beach- rode the rollercoaster, watched the sunset
went to richard's bakery had some drinks and talked with Edwin
went to richard's house and drew on the pumpkins we stole from old town
Went to mamma testas- had delicious spicy food and saw a bunch of interestingly dressed people.
Went to Scolaries (or however you spell it) and it was too early so walked to off the record then went back and played some pool,had a pitcher of beer and watched the band play (while slowly going deaf)
went to cara's and said hello/saw her amazing costume
went to La Jolla saw the seals and walked along the beach
FINALLY went back to richards house- ate the best cakey whatever it's called thingy from Edwin.. watched the japanese version of The Grudge (which i thought was scarey but apparently im a bit of a wuss- i like to make myself scared sometimes tho.. i think it was mostly b/c i was soo tired)
then had some more fun

boy i'm tired from just writing all that crap out.. no wonder i'm exhusted- sunday was busy too.. i didn't get to bed till 11 or so

wow i'm impressed with myself

ok ima work some and post more if i get bored


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