Thursday, October 13, 2005

Considerably Better

Yesterday work was pretty bad
I was really stressed about training the new guy b/c he didn't seem to be picking it up very well. Ask richard man. I complained to him for a good 1/2 hour or so. I was soo worried. I think i need to vent this crap out to feel better sometimes..

Today is a LOT better than yesterday
I've left the new guy pretty much alone all day.. I go check in with him every 20 mins or so to see if he has any questions. He seems a bit nervous and intimidated by this new situation but today is much smoother than yesterday.. PHEW..
For the majority of the day today I was unable to work. The computer I was set up with did not have the right programs on it.. I did what I could but after that I pretty much screwed around with nothing work..

I called richard quite a bit too.. : ) oh man am I glad to have him in my life.. he listens and likes it.. who knows how long he'll put up with it but so far, im happy for every moment

wow i'm such a cheezy ball latey.. it's GREAT

well I supposed that's it for now

Ima quit while I'm ahead


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