Sunday, October 09, 2005

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It's SUNDAY. Tomorrow is work so not too fun. But I'm still walking on clouds from the weekend. It was so wonderful.. Richard ended up coming up on Saturday afternoon. I was so excited he could make it.. Saturday we went out to dinner with my folks. Jasmine Thai- my absolute favorite.. and i got LEFTOVERS YAY
It went fantastic.. my parents really liked him and my mom is making plans for us all to go out again. It was way cute.. she just assumes that we're going to hang out every weekend.. and everyone knows if i could see him everyday, I would.. but Richard has school and needs study time and such.. I want him to do well so i'll leave him be if he needs it.. ooh i'm so glad i got to spend time with him.. you don't even know.. After dinner was actually one of the best parts of the weekend.. Richard and i decided to walk and while walking we made friends with the sweetest little kitty.. He followed us around for a good half an hour.. He was too cute.. awww CUTEY KITTY- i almost brought him home for angela and I
Sunday was awesome as well.. We layed in bed until i got up and made some yummy breakfast.. Eggs and hasbrowns YUM.. we bummed around some more- i took a shower and Richard took a little time to do some homework.. at around 1 we went to the Swampmeet.
I LOVE the swampmeet there is always interesting smells there as well as interesting people. There are great deals too.. It's a great way to spend a couple of hours. Richard got some ice cream and i got a root beer float.. I haven't had one of those in years.. it was delicious... I ended up getting 3 dvds for 20 bucks.. My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 28 Days Later, and Suspect Zero
Richard got a Momma and the Pappas Record and a cool new instrument... i got to play with it- it was great.. i felt like a five year old again...
After the swamp meet Richard was nice enough to go Asian Mart Shopping with me. I LOVE going shopping there.. I know I get really carried away there too.. i could spend HOURS there hahhahaha. i think someday i'll spend an entire day grocery shopping for fun.. Yea i'm a nerd- i LIKE it geesshh hahhaha
I made dinner for Richard and I- just soup that was a bit peppery for rich. Hopefully he didn't mind too much.. i wanna be able to cook so he likes it.. i'm planning on him sticking around quite some time so it would be nice to learn what he likes and cater to someone besides myself for once.. i wanna get back into cooking again.. i feel like i'm not as good as i used to be.. I'm glad that richard ate it anyways.. it was cute.. hopefully i'll make him something he REALLY likes soon- non meat of course.. hmmm well maybe fish.. i haven't cooked that in a LONG time tho
Richard had to leave soon after dinner.. and that pretty much brings us up to date.. i can't believe how much i like this guy.. i'm almost too happy.. i had to write it out.. there are a million things i didn't write but this will be enough for me to look back and smile at..
Okay now i will shower and go to bed..


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