Thursday, October 06, 2005

Today will be a long one

I'm at work and i haven't slept in 2 million years.
There are only two things that I want to think about- sleep and richard.. if i could do those both at once i would be the happiest person ever- in the whole history of time

Richard told me last night that he might not be coming to visit this weekend.. His mom needs him right now.. and while i completely understand this, it still makes me sad that i won't be able to lay around in bed with him all day saturday like i planned to. I actually like that he's so dedicated to his family's well being.. it's an attractive quality... but i miss him boooo

I'm listening to Denison Witmer and I really like him.. but he's making me want to sleep even more. Today we're having a potluck at work.. Mexican Potluck.. mmMMmM i love mexican food.. hopefully it's good. I brought in cookies- choc chip and PUMPKIN choc chip. i'm not so sure anyone will like the pumpkin ones but they are new and i wanted to try it.. and if they don;t like it- MORE FOR ME hahaha i feel like i have a 5 year old mentality right now with the tiredness and such

i have more to write but i'm a work for an hour and start up with this again


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