Friday, May 12, 2006

I've moved

HII everyone

I've moved my blog and changed it's theme to something i love more than you'll ever know-

Come take a look : )

Hope to be talking with you on the new blog!

Signing off-


Monday, May 01, 2006

taking the week off

I just moved!

so I need to work at unpacking for the next week..

Bye bye for now.

: )

hope everyone enjoys the week!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

In going along with yesterday's post ...


Hello COW-tty??

yea yesterday they put up cows in Paris so today I'm putting up cows too!
but I could not foresake the Kitty therefore, I'm doing BOTH

: )


Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am NOT an artist

So imagine you're walking in PARIS and you see this:

Romantic EH?
There will be 110 colorful cows on display in Paris as part of an art exibit. But you better hurry- you can only see it till June 16th. (LINK)

Apparently I'm not getting the symbolism or something here. Who wants a bunch of weird colorful cows? Yea, maybe one of you could explain why this is going on b/c I'll admit that I'm not into modern art too much.

Either way, I think it's pretty darn funny that Paris, one of the romance capitals of the world, is now also home to 110 fiberglass cows.


what do you think about it??

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Funny song about the Westminster Mall

So the Vandals wrote this song about a girl who works at Hot Dog On A Stick at the Westminster Mall in CA.
I don't' know if you've seen their uniforms but they are unkown to be the worlds WORST.. see: ~leahland/hdoas.html

Now remember- they are made out of PURE 100% Polyester.. yeeaaa that's nice - : P


Lyrics to Cafe 405

Watching her at the mall she don't know me at all
Hope no employee over hears
Think I'm in love with you Red, Yellow, White & Blue
Seems I've been watching her for years,
It brings a smile to my face as she hops with style and grace
Way beyond 9 to 5,
she's keeping hope alive -
Cafe 405
I'd always keep her warm in that silly uniform
Tell her every day that she's the best
Just wanna be with her, I'd never cheat on her
With someone at Panda Express
And nothing else makes me tick
like when she's on that Pogo Stick
I wish I wasn't afraid,
she's making lemonade
It brings a smile to my face as she hops with style and grace
One day our love will arrive, so glad to be alive

Monday, April 24, 2006

Roller Coasters are FUN

I like roller coasters.. but today, my head feels like I'm on a roller coaster but I'm sitting still


I think this roller coaster is the one in Virgina. It's called the Lochness Monster at Bush Gardens. When I was a kid I used to REFUSE to get off the ride till they let me ride it again.. haha- what a little bratty thing to do eh? Well it worked! : P

but now, I definately want off the roller coaster that is my head..

Talk to you all later : ) <--- still smiling of course! b/c I had a fun weekend

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I wanna see


I think it came out yesterday. Looks absolutely hilarious- but then again I have a tendency to love Mandy movies. And the fact that it's making fun of American Idol makes me tickled pink : ) Hope I get the chance to see it but it is 7 days before the move and counting

Hmm perhaps I should PACK something.. we'll see

I'm off for the day. See you guys on Monday!

Have a nice weekend!!