Thursday, April 20, 2006

Just GO already!

Once again the Puppy makes headlines!

Yesterday I’m walking the dog. All I’m thinking while we’re walking is ‘come on dog do your business already. I’m tired!’ (it was 10:40 at night).
Our dog isn’t well trained when it comes to being on a leash and she stops to sniff EVERYTHING. With the frequent stops it takes the cute little thing about 20-30 mins to get her business done and I was just not in the mood for a LONG walk.
Well the dog has stopped and I kept on going and I turned to her and said
“Hurry up POOPY!”
Now the people around me stop and give me a look as if I just screamed out a horrible profanity (Poop is a funny word not a bad one right? Well maybe not. haha). hankweb/hankfame.html

It was quite embarrassing but at least the dog starting moving again.
So what have I learned from yelling poopy loudly in a public place?

1) The word Puppy and Poopy are extremely similar and when you’re waiting for a dog to poop you’re likely to say the latter
2) The dog will respond to the name Poopy and that opens a whole new fun door to my life

Perhaps my lessons will some how enrich your life the same way they have mine : )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i liked this one. poopy looks right.

8:21 PM  

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