Thursday, April 13, 2006

OC Thursdays

I doubt there's many people who don't know Fox's hit show- The OC.
I'm from there and I'll admit, up until recently I was a fan. Yes Yes I know. It's an incredibly materialistic terrible show but that's what makes it so freakin GREAT. I like how they play the cheese-factor. Over the top and loving it!
And I will also admit that if it wasn't for Seth and Summer I would have never watched the show. Come ooon just look at them!!

And now I have to say that I am a recovering OC fan.
After watching for 2 and a half seasons I fear that this show has just gone too far. I can no longer watch it. There is too much Marissa and Ryan. Seth used to be have a much better script. This entire season, I've been unimpressed, disenchanted and just turned off by the whole plot twists. Making Seth smoke weed? DUMB.. then not getting into college because of it? DUMBER.. and the DUMBEST- breaking up Ryan and Marissa AGAIN. boo

I am now officially announcing that I, Teddy, am no longer an obsessed OC fan.

PHEW now that's off my chest I can tell you a great story from my coworker today. It's about PENS.

I'll give you a second to try and let you come up with a story about a pen that is funny so I don't have to write this one.

go on- give it some thought

anything yet??

yea I thought not
Okay If I MUST tell you a funny story about a pen, I will. But only b/c I like you so much- Here we go:
My coworker (we'll call her Donna) had to deliver some papers to a boss (we'll call him George) today. Unfortunately George was not at his desk when Donna stopped by. So Donna did what most people would do, she left the papers on his desk and proceeded to write George a note. While Donna was writing the note she noticed that the pen was running out of ink. Donna thought she'd let George know that he needed a new pen. So at the bottom of her note she wrote: P.S. Your pen is dying.
Before she left the note she re-read it for errors. At this point Donna noticed something terribly odd about the note. While she was writing the 'PS' section she wasn't paying attention. Now that she was looking it over the 'PS' said something ENTIRELY different than what she had intended to say. It read:

PS- Your PENIS dying.

in a panic she tried crossing out what she had wrote but it was too late. The pen was DEAD.


come on I thought that was funny
now crack a smile : )

have a nice day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the OC thing. I have always thought that it should just be the Seth and Summer show with a side of Ryan. I think Marissa should just go.

And that is a very funny story about "Donna". I wonder if "George" noticed.


4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was a good one : )

8:03 PM  
Blogger funwithyourfood said...

Thanks guys!

you know I try : )

and Becky- let's just assume that George noticed, b/c it's much funnier that way

10:37 AM  

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