Monday, February 13, 2006

Stupid People

What in the WORLD is more frustrating than ignorant, stupid, and just plain MEAN people?

nothing.. GGRRR
I was at work today when I realized something, I am content with what I do. It's just ONE person that is pushing my button right now.. GRRR.. I can't believe how rude she is. and now I have to email her everyday when I get into work to PROVE that I'm there on time..

pisses me off like noo other..

you know what i could use right now??

too bad they stopped making it about hmm 5 YEARS ago..

BOO to that too.. that was my FAVORITE flavor.. you don't even know.. I've written Ben and Jerry's several times requesting that they bring it back.. but just little ol' me couldn't get the job done : (.. hmm if people actually read this thing maybe I could get them to request it and get it back into the rotation!!

that's the link to request ANY of b & j's old flavors be put back into stores..

moving on

here is my favorite part about this weekend :

Vice president Dick Cheney SHOT a 78 year old man.. BWAHAHHAHA

Umm how do you work this thing???


seriously tho- I played cards with the fam all day sunday and it was great.. my uncle is THE FUNNIEST : ).. and it didn't hurt that I won 2 out of the 3 games we played hehe

ok must go work out now..
byyee : )


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