Friday, January 20, 2006

Sleepless nights suck!

F*CKIN COOFEFEEEEE.. I don't even LIKE it all that much and I'm drinking it as I type this thing- and YES it's sugary GIRLY coffee that some people think isn't REAL coffee at all but it's yummier that way so : P haha
OK for the past WEEK i haven't been sleeping well- what is REALLY going on with this?.. it's completely annoying the hell out of me too.. I mean i'm irritable, emotional and I haven't been working out like I want to.
Here's what happens: I get home from work at 5ish and I'm usually hungry so I grab something quick to eat. THEN I start to realize how tired I am BUT I have about 3954958 things I need to accomplish like laundry or groceries or cleaning or even freakin showering.. so I'm irritated b/c i can't sleep when I want.. then I call the bf.. stupid of me probably b/c it kind of eats up the time that I don't have.. and I call with no reason other than to say hi.. I mean I love him and I miss him SOOO much but I kind of think I should have a reason to call him now. We;ve been bickering more than usual and I know it's me.
I'm tired. I hate the feeling of being long distance (but I still love him and want to be with him).

I just want to be here again!!

Okay b*tching about it is dumb.. I get to see my baby tomorrow! I know everyone is excited for me haha.. that way I'll be super happy.. awww look how cutie he is..

I had a mini work crisis this week today too.. I thought that my boss hated me. That wasn't fun. But then we had a meeting and I did really well in collection soo he loves me again! haha
He even gave me a high five. This actually kind of weirded me out in a good way.. I was perplexed b/c 1) I've never been high fived by a boss 2) I don't even remember the last time I was high fived at ALL (probably over a YEAR or two haha)..
but it made me feel a hell of a lot better about my job security.. I mean, it seems like unless I do an amazing job, I'm in trouble.. HAHAH lucky for me they think I've been doing well : )

Tonight I get to hang out with the roomies. We're heading out to LA to see Metal Skool. Here is what metal skool is:


it's going to be wonderful to have a night of fun with the friends.
I'm supposed to wake up early the next day (and when I say early I mean early- like 7AM on my day off!!) and drive BACK to LA to see some family. But my mom offered me a way out and I'm seriously considering taking it
See- my bf's supposed to come and meet the FAM for the first time.. But apparently the fam that we're visiting are on rough grounds and she's afraid there may be a scene. Mom my thinks that this won't leave a good impression on the bf so she suggested us not going. Well I know for a fact that my honey won't care if there's a scene or anything BUT I also know that I'm going to be tired and so is he.
Thus, we may not go b/c of the tireness but we'll SAY it's b/c we're scared my fam will make a scene.. haha- I'm bad.. it is my cousin's 8th bday.. blah- why does an 8 year old need a party that starts at 9 AM on a saturday?
I'll just buy her a cute present and give it to her next time I see her maybe?
BOO- having a conscience is NO FUN.

okay I have a lot to do today.. I'm off.. have an awesome FRIIIDDAAYYY! : )


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haha, are they wearing pink lipstick?!? hahahaha. that's too much!

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