Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Road trip CA

This is what our car looked like when we were done with the road trip up to freakin

monterey this weekend!!

well... or not

but i swear that we developed a good layer of dirt
Richard and I decided it would be fun to drive up along the CA coast line- we left EALRY on thursday morning and got to the hotel in monterey at around 5 or 6pm that same night
our first night there we were pretty pooped
but OMG i was the happiest girl of all time when i found out that there was a WHOLE FOODS near our hotel.. i LOVEEEE Whole Foods.. and there isn't one close to were i live (which makes NO sense b/c i supposedly live in one of the healthiest counties in the nation- BOO)
I made richard boy shop around there with me at least 3 times over the weekend
for some reason i have a really weird food obession.. but it's a healthy obession- hmm or at least i tell myself that it is haha
well here is where we were on Thurs, Fri and Sun (we spent saturday in SF!!)

Beautiful huh??

I thought so too. i was a little more cloudy than this b/c it's winter time but still wonderful
Having time alone with my baby is hard to get sometime
we each have friends and family that wanna see us so much.. it kind of takes away from our alone time together. but we had 4 COMPLETE days of it this weekend- no work no school no other friends.. oh wow just thinking about how much time we had makes me smile


okay that was my richard cutie moment
im waiting for richard to send me the pics as we speak and a soon as he get em to me and i get them downloaded i'll post pics of our wonderful 4 day get away : )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we seriously had a get-a-way : )

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