Monday, November 21, 2005


okay today i am TIRED.

i could go home and go to bed RIGHT NOW and sleep until tomorrow.. that would be sooo nice.. sweet sweet sleep

work has been uneventful today.. i got in early today- 740 am- and i was determined to get work done b/c i feel like i'm falling behind and maybe i'm not doign what i'm supposed to.. i don't want to get in trouble for not collecting like i should ya know?

soo i called like 6 people who weren't responding to my emails.. and NONE answered soo i left a bunch of messages for the first hour or 2 of me being here.. then i sent out emails to the people who do actually respond-- i don't know what to do if no one answers their phone.. i send out hmm 10 work related emails a day.. i fax, i call.. i feel like i do what i should..

ooh well i don't want to worry.. im a real worry wort and it stinks..
one day i'll learn how to stop but it appears that today is not that day..

I called richard on my lunch.. I helped him make his first atm deposit.. : )

maybe im so tired b/c of my girl-timeness.. i mean your body beats itself up then.. my stomach hurts so bad i just want to curl up in a ball and go to bed.. YUCK
i guess this month was a bad one for me..
some one should explain to me how it is i LOOK pregnant (b/c of bloatedness) when i'm not.. apparently it's 'cute' tho.. well if that's cute send me straight to the ugly train b/c it's HURTS being cute haha
yuckyuck, bed please.. i'm still here another 3 hours or something.. wow

hmm maybe if i listen to a comedian it'll help

To be continued...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

im happy i could put a smile on the pretty face of yours.

: )

11:47 PM  

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