Friday, November 04, 2005

friday 1/2 left of work = BLOG TIME

It's friday.. I'm EXHAUSTED
awww cara just said something that made me miss my richard even more
we're both tired and she said she just wants to go home and curl up with someone and watch a movie.. but she can't


aannnd i'm over it
moving on
i really like what i'm doing at work a lot more now.. i basically just talk to people either via email or on the phone.. and everyone knows i'm a talker so it works out..

this week has been busy and tiring.. i've fallen asleep with richard on the phone twice.. opps
apparently last night i was sexy with whatever it was i was saying b/c it turned him on er something.. dang i must be GOOD hahahahha

all i really remember is being like come here and i miss you and junk..
i'm kinda sad i missed out on my being sexy hahah.. it's such a rare thing ya know??

i've really been missing my richard this week.. i love being held and cuddled... and i'm fully aware that this is waayy too mushy and cheesey and blah but I LIKE IT hahahhaha

James left last night.
That was a bit of a downer.. We never know when John's sons are going to be able to fly out again and it's usually years before they can.. John has awesome sons.. they are fun and funny.. it's FANTASTIC

okay i have 10 mins before i can leave work.. ima post pics tonight of the past week or two- they were great weeks with the fam.. i really enjoyed myself
okay i'm OUTTA HERE

ps i watched Aladdin last night and when i say 'OUTTA HERE' i think of the genie.. that guy is AWESOME haha


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