Wednesday, October 19, 2005

best ever

So today was a good day.

Work was slow but I called richard and talked to cara a lot though and that helped/
After work i had a nice wokout

When i got home from the workout I had a missed call and new message. It was richard :) he left the cutest message EVER.. He told me I was the best girlfriend too.. I sent him a card in the mail a couple of days ago and he got it today.. He really liked it.. which is great b/c that was my plan. Making my bf happy or making him smile is GREAT.. it makes me happy

Then i remembered that Batman Begins went on sale at Circuit City for 14.99 soo I headed over there. They were sold out. I couldn't remember whether Besy Buy gave you 10% off a competitors price if it was lower or not. I actually didn't even think about it but I called Konrad (he's a supervisor at Best Buy) and he actually answered while he was working.. that was way nice of him soo i'm thinking he doesn't hate me hahahha.. he told me that they just matched the price. I drove over to best buy and bought that and Hook... only spent 25 bucks.. pretty good deal for a brand new movie and an old classic..

My mom called about 7 times (and i'm NOT exaggerating) to tell me they were going ot Silky Sullivans then to ask if i wanted ot come.. then to say she wasn't going there.. oooh but before all that she called to say she and james (my step brother from england) got home from LAX okay.. she left 3 messages.. wow..

potstickers for dinner, chocolate malted crunch for desert, now im gonna shower, call richard, watch Hook and go to bed.. mmMmmMMmmmMMMmm phone call with richard : )



Blogger Choices We Choose said...

yea your away message earlier saying "fuck this im shopping" im glad it was meant for batman begins. mike bought it so i might wait until he brings it over. haha. but buying it is definitely a good idea :-)

10:26 PM  

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