Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Columbus Day

Yea it's Columbus Day and banks are closed and mail isn't delivered. Why does this matter at all? Well my job is this:
I get collect outstanding checks via US MAIL enter them into our accounting programs balance our books and whatnot THEN I go to the BAANNKK and deposit those checks..
I got a lot of checks in on Friday but only enough to keep me busy for a day- so basically i have two days and only one days work.. I'm BORED at work
so i've been emailing up a storm and now i'm posting a blog and chatting with my coworkers about the halloween decorations for our office.. haha i'm glad everyone is slacking b/c ALL of hour bosses are out of the office today in meetings with corporate..
okay i'm going to go to the bathroom fill up on some more free water and head on home for a quick workout.. then it's off to mom's house to put more music on the nano she got for her birthday.. Mom said she'd get me dinner.. that's awesome.. YAY.. not living with her makes her nicer hahaha
I'm out like white on rice

YEA i know that doesn't make sense but SHUT UP hahahaah


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