Tuesday, October 11, 2005

EXCITEMENT yaaaaaayyy!

I am SOOO happy with work now! YAAYY
You don't even know- and you don't know b/c NO ONE is answering their phones!
Okay now lettme explain what I'm talking about:

Lately I've been really worried about my status at work b/c I haven't recieved a lot of feedback. Today I decided I didn't want to worry anymore. I emailed my boss and asked to set up a meeting to could discuss my progress so far with the company and asked if there were any ways I could improve my efficiency. About 2 hours later I was in the copy room doing remidial crap when a co-worker approached me to tell me my boss is looking to meet with me RIGHT NOW.
Boy was I worried.
I stopped what I was doing and immediately headed over to her office. I walk in and she is there with someone else from my department. They ask me to sit down and my boss mumbles "Oh we'd better close the door so that the others can't hear us"
At this point I begin to sweat. Thinking 'oh no I'm about to be fired!!'
My boss (Rachel) then looks over at me and sees my nervious face and says 'don't worry we only have good things to say about you'
PHEW- I could breathe again!
Rachel then explains that Joanne (the other woman in the room) and her are impressed with how well I've done so far. A smile creeps accross my face and it's all I can do to not laugh. Two seconds ago I was sure I was fired.
Basically I am moving over to the Collections Department to help Joanne with her workload. My new tasks are going to be more people oriented than before and I'm looking forward to it. I'll be calling lawyers and figuring out who owes who and whatnot.
The two of them also informed me that TOMORROW I will be training someone to replace me. TOMORROW. I started thinking and I had terrible time my first two weeks b/c training was completely unorganized. The rest of my day is going to be deticated to trying to throw together a system for training the new guy tomorrow
YAY this turned out to be a GOOD work day : )
okay it's lunch time


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