Tuesday, October 18, 2005

yea yea i know

soo i know i'm over reacting at this moment but i've gotten cabin freakin fever from being inside all day, seeing no one, barely talking, and feeling like poo.

bllllaaahhhh-- i texted konrad and told him i had cabin fever and asked to hang out and he said no.. ouch.. that sucks.. i really hope i haven't lost another friend.. i feel like it's freakin impossible to keep friends... especially guy ones.. they always just stop talking to me and stop hanging out.. boooo to that.. booo : (

okay enough with this lame cabin fever over reaction.. ima not think about this and give the friendship more time b/c i know i'm being dumb and lame and crraaaazzzyyyyyyyy b/c i've got nothing else right now..

i was thinking about getting thai food to make me feel better but since i thought about it, i've become too lazy to go get it and have already eaten something else.. blllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
GET ME OUTTA THIS HOUSE.. i hate being inside for an entire day bbbboooooooo

oh well tomorrow i'll be HAPPY to go to work i guess

peace be with you mah bros and hos


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