Friday, October 14, 2005

Missing my cutie

Today I'm really missing my Richard
Most likely it's because i can feel myself starting to get sick and it makes me want to lay in bed all day with him. hahahah I just thought about that and ooh man he would be 100% garenteed to get sick if I had him do that.. ooh well, it's comforting like a big warm richard blanket... I'm missing him more today b/c I'm bored at work too.. Usually I'm so busy i have to steal a moment to think of anything but work..
This overlap of teaching the new guy and learning my new tasks is boorrriiinnngg
Sometimes when i get bored, i EAT.. and when i say eat i mean EAAATTT.. lettme list what i've consumed today (and this is BEFORE dinner)
Breakfast burrito
Piece of Cake (it was someones bday at the office)
TWWWOO Pieces of pie (see above reason)
That is all for now.. but i'm hanging out with the Rents tonight and they are going to want to go out to dinner soo ima eat then too.. FatTown here I come! hahahhaha
I worked out last night tho..that's good. but that's only 2 times this week
I'd like that number to be 3 or more like 4-- I guess the week isn't over yet but working out on the weekend is like stepping into a pool and realizing the person before you peed in it
Im bad.. this past 1/2 hour i have been writing a blog instead of working- oh well
I forgot how awesome it was to just write.. i think for writing random stupid stuff like this I like to be on the computer.. when I used to write poetry I liked doing it by hand..
okay anywayyysss workworkwork now


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