Monday, October 24, 2005

Weekend of goodness

This weekend was a good one.. Mostly b/c I got to see Richard and James.. double bonus

Okay I already wrote about my friday water bill fiasco.. but after that whole thing I went and hung out with my family- my mom, john and james (my step bro/johns son).. they wanted to go out to eat and watch Wallace and Gommit.. sounded fun to me and i hadn't seen James yet and i had heard he lost some weight so i wanted to see.. James definately is thinner than before- but he was never fat, kinda chubby or something i guess..
Well we went to islands and there was a half an hour wait.. we decided to be clever and put our names into CPK too and go to whichever resturant paged us first.. While waitng we strolled over to Barnes and Nobles. Man i LOVE that place.. well i only like MY barnes and nobles.. other ones usually aren't as good..
I immediately went to the 'Bargin' section b/c it's my favorite. First I saw a caligraphy set and thought "how neat! john does caligraphy, maybe he'd like this." but then i found the motherload of all awesomeness deals.. a HUGE biography of the guys from Monty Python-hardback- for only 10 bucks.. that was AWESOME and I knew john would love it.. and he did.. we made our purchases and headed back over to the resturants.. Turned out that both of them had called us while we were gone. We decided to have Islands (mom really wanted it- she likes the Mango-ritas)
I LOVE Islands fries.. they are salty and yummy and ranchy mmMmMMMm skins still on make the BEST fries..
For dinner i had nachos and fries hahahahha worst dinner ever- soo bad for me but i didn't care.. james had his first Mai Tai.. Apparently there is RUM in it hahhaha
We went to charter center to see wallace and grommit (the theatre i used to work at)... The movie was good. and i was extremely excited before it started b/c they showed a short film with the peguins from Madagascar.. i had completely forgotten that the short film was playing with the movie.
Then it was home and off to bed- i was trying to make the night go by as fast as possible b/c in the morning my cutey richard was coming..


I woke up at 830ish and the first thing i did- before i was even actaully awake- was call richard to make sure he was up and getting ready to go.. hahaha i'm a major nerd..
He was up and getting ready.. I had a crap load of stuff to do before he got there tho.. I had to clean, go to the store to get washcloths and soap and a tooth brush aaaann go get him some flowers, and i also wanted to time it so that when he was walking my house it would smell like fresh baked cookies and he could eat them while they were still warm- good god i'm the biggest NERD ever but i knew he'd really like it...
well the plan worked and i was soo glad to see him.. i just hugged him the first 5 minutes he was there.. and he brought me a rose.. aww what a cutey
annnyywaayyyss.. we headed over to my parents house- which was kind of a pain b/c there was some fair thing going on that was blocking my street.. when i walked by it it seemed pretty cool b/c they had a bunch of old school cars lined up to look at but they stopped showing them at 11 or something..
We got to my parents house around 1 and then hopped in the car and headed to LA for the day.. Wait first something funny happened.. John introduced his own son by the wrong name.. hahahhaha ooh man he's never going to live that down.. calling james robert was a bad mistake. We went to Thai town first.. had some lunch then went into a thai grocery store.. OH MAN i loved the grocery store. it was great.. especially since the store had durian in it (a REAALLY smelly fruit that is considered a delicacy in Thailand- and i'm nto exaggerating is REALLY smelling so smelly that it is illegal in some countries to have it out in the public) I had james and richard smell it.. hahahhaha

I LOVE ASIAN GROCERY SHOPPIINNNGG.. this stuff was authentic THAI too.. it was too cooll aaaahh best thing ever hahhaah

after that we went to Little Japan or something.. we went in another grocery store (it wasn't as impressive as the thai one haha) and i got some green tea ice cream- richard got mochi..
oh i forgot my favorite part about that Japanese grocery store was this: i was walking around by myself and i hear a HUGELY loud laugh (richard of course).. i followed it and found him and asked what was funny.. he eventually told me james had said some "man juice" joke.. hahaha that was my favorite part b/c 1) richards ridiculously loud laughing 2) richard gets along with my family soo well.. they really like him and it makes me happy..
The drive home was great too. First james and i agrued about the "proper" way to say things.. then we played "I spy with my little eye".. hahah boy did I suck at that- I spy something that started with E.. Eyes?? nope Ears?? DAMN IT YES!! hahahhahah

after we got home we headed out again.. this time to sushi.. it was my first time eating fish in FOREVER and i was nervous about it upsetting my stomach but it turned out okay..
sushi was DELICIOUS

Richard and I were POOPED from doing so much in one day. we back to my apartment tp relax and watch movies.. We put in Suspect Zero and then it was bed time


Richard said he had to leave early in the morning on Sunday but that didn't happen hahhaha.. and it wasn't me trying to convince him to say or anything.. it just happened. we layed in bed listening to music till 11ish then we went out for a breakfast burrito.. which was delicious.. we brought the burritos home and watched batman begins while eating.. that is a LONG movie too.. he ended up not leaving till 4.. which was a lot later that he or i expected.. but boy was i greatful for every minute.. this time it was hard for me to say good bye.. i got sad and it showed..
i've decided from now on to suck it up and not act sad.. no one likes that and richard is just as sad as i am.. i don't want to make it any harder to leave than it already is..

oookkaayy i need to acaully work while i'm at work now.. hmm or not.. hahahha maybe i'll add more later.

till then . . .


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