Monday, November 14, 2005

a little bummed

okay so i'm a little bummed right now
it's premature bummed-ness too

A week or so ago richard and I decided to celebrate his bday on dec 17th w/ dinner w/ his parents and rue. And i had forgotten that, on that particular night, i'm supposed to be at my works holiday celebration/dinner thing.. I was even going to ask rick to go with me.. BOO to that!

i would much rather see my baby than go to some dumb office thingy.. but i'm new here and it's very political and competitive.. i don't wanna lose any ground b/c of not going.. yea i knoe richard will understand and not make a big deal out of it or anything but it's a big deal to me.. i really wanna be with him and go out with his parents.. i haven't really spent near as much time with his folks as he's spent with mine.. i wanna feel comfortable with them and that'll only happen with time too.. YUCK

i like how pickles taste but i don't like being in one : P

with richard living a hundred miles away i never wanna miss one opportunity to see him.. yuck yuck pooeeyyy

: (

i want this to work itself out now please

oh well an hour and a half left to work


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