Friday, November 11, 2005

i wanna run

so this blog should be called
sleep when you die and blog when you work
b/c that's what i do

soo today i get to see richard! yay
i'm a little worried i'm too tired to do anything but sleep tho.. when i see him i'll probably be re-energized (i hope)
the bad thing is i don't know when i'm going to see him.. angela needs a date for some dinner thing tonight and i'm gunna be it if she doesn't find someone else.. i've been trying to call her all day but she hasn't returned my calls or texts.. bllaahh

i wanna go b/c it'll be fun and i love hanging out with angela but part of me feels that i just wanna lay in bed ALL WEEKEND- from friday night to sunday night.. ooh that would be nice.. i'm sure after about 12 hours i'd need to eat tho..


i only have half an hour left at work.. YAY.. but boy has today been crawling by

i have nothing else to write i guess.. nothing to say but come one time hurry up!!


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