Monday, November 07, 2005

if you say soooo


im at home after a long day at work
i think that once lunch is over at work everything is 93435987 times better.. i feels like the day flies by then. but the mornings suck booty

sooo i've talked to my cutie already 3 times today.. and i wanna talk to him again before beddy bye.. FOUR MORE DAYS!!!!!! yay
I LOVE that i have a bf now.. it's great.. good company.. good kisses.. good conversation.. all around good : )

so i know it's already almost been a month (offically on the 10th) but i'm still in shock.. the last thing i ever expected was this. and it's the best thing at the same time..

soo this post, like 80% of the other posts, is dedicated to the wonderfulness that is my boyfriend

i know he likes it and i know i do too..


okay ima go watch the simpsons and giggle a lot
muah to my sexy silly spectacular bf :)


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