Friday, November 18, 2005

it's been too long

it's been way too long since i've posted something.. richard is probably getting tired of looking for no reason hahah : ) HIII BABY
it's also been entirely too long since i've seen my baby..

i just got back from lunch and cara is emailing me too slow soo im FORCED to write a blog

apparently i'm going to see MxPx tonight.. that should be interesting..

you know what? i never wrote a blog telling what a GREAT and wonderfully mushy weekend i has last week with richard.. we were toooooo cute.. lying in bed together all day.. just giggling and tickling and funness all around

that's all for the mushy- well for the time being-

dude i tried some of this dressing from pick up sticks and it was SPICY.. it had horseradish in it or something and now my sinuses BURN like crazy.. and my nose is running.. i tried it 15 mins ago and i STILL feel it.. it was like taking that HUGE green chunk of wasbi they give to you at sushi and SNORTING it..

ok so i'm exaggerating a little bit but my sinuses do still hurt and it has been 15 mins.. ouchie couchie..

My boss rachel went out to lunch with Miller ( the head of the CO where i work) and he asked about me!! hahahahah

right before they all left i shot him a smile hahahah.. apparently i'm noticable.. or not

aww i miss my baby.. like every 5-20 mins it hits me.. i wannaaaa see him.. i think it makes my days longer b/c i'm wishing i was somewhere else with him..

okay now i'm just complaining.. i supposed i could find SOMETHING to do


Anonymous Anonymous said...

: )

i do check this often. usually when ive had it with reading religion. your my constant smile maker.

hehe, and yea. peace out, holmes. hahha. youre cute.

1:47 AM  

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