Sunday, November 27, 2005

My Birthday

Saturday was my 23rd bday and it was great!!
It started off not so well but the night was WONDERFUL
All day Angela kept calling me to talk to richard b/c they were planning the night out. It was nice to see that angela would do that for me. She can be super nice when she wants to. Angela worked from 8am to 5 that day and I was told to be ready to go at 6ish. Angela also told me to dress up and look cute. I was excited b/c I love having a reason to dress up.
No one told me where we were going or what we were doing.. We went to olive garden for dinner. We had to wait a LONG time to get a table but I got to eat chocolate lasagna.. yummyum.. At dinner they told me what we were doing.


it was sooo awesome and funny!!.. Even if we had to stand outside in freezing weather for 2 hours- it was worth the wait.. Dane Cook is hilarious
here are highlights from the show
1) Talking about Ross
2) L-O-V-E jokes
3) Sneezing at Rite Aid
4) Jeez-its


I'll post pics later..
thanks to my friends for giving me an awesome bday

PS richard was too cute and sang me a song : )- i'll write more later while at work.. i'm not feeling so well right now so i'm going to beddy bye


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