Wednesday, November 23, 2005

an HOUR early! what what? haha

It's official. My work has decided to be nice enough to let us ALL off an hour earlier than usual today :) YAY

and what am i doing now that i know? writing a blog.. wow

fact of the day:

When Teddy has caffeine it makes her CRAZY. First she gets EXTREMELY hyper/happy. Then when it wears off all she wants to do is go to bed.. WONDERFUL

I got THE CUTEST email in the HISTORY of emails today.. i almost want to freakin publish it so every can see how awesome my boyfriend is.. but i'm not- bc that's lame and rude.. it's PERSONAL people GEESH

i went to starbucks today and got a pumpkin spice latte to get me in the holiday mood.. it was great.. and i convinced a girl from work to go with me that made it fun too

I realized i say the word "soo" a lot.. i'm going to try to cut back on that.. what am i? 6?? EXACTLY

tonight i'm going to stay the night at my parents house and cook for tomorrow.. ima try to go to bed early tonight.. i want to wake up at the crack of sparrow (as john would say) to go shopping at Target b/c there is a crazy good sale going on there.. i'm not going to list everything i'm getting b/c they might be presents for people who read this thingy : )

YAY for shopping- i'm way excited
wait i can put what i'm getting for myself i guess
Family guy season 3
the simpsons season 6
and mmaaayybe
some 10 dollar egyptian cotton sheets

i just took a 20 min break to sit and chat with co workers.. my boss left already and i'm out of here in half an hour

okay i'll go work A LITTLE now : )
muah to my baby
you are the best and i can't wait till saturday - MUAAH :)


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