Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I'm listening to Dane Cook right now

hahah no one gets it

i don't know if anyone likes this guy besides me but i think he's hilarious.. I straight out LOL

it's Tuesday and tomorrow is like FRIDAY.. FOUR DAY WEEKEND.. i'm too excited and i get to spend my BIRTHDAY (oh yea it's this SAT 11-26.. WOOHOOOO) with richard and whoever else is nice enough to stop by.. hmm should i be a jerk and make everyone go to Thai food?? hahaha
i probably won't.. i think i wanna go to happy veggie and i know me, rich and ang will like it.. OOOOH or we could go to Loco.. hmm i'm just assuming that at some point we'll want food.. maybe i'll NEVER BE HUNGRY AGAIN hahaha..

i'm really crazy right now b/c i'm listening to the comedian.. i think it's contagious.. craazzyy..
smelly markers.. THE RED ONE SMELLS LIKE CHERRIES-- i swear.. i don't know how they do it haha
ok i can't think to type.. i just want to type what he's saying.. ooh man
okay =
byebye :)
MUAH to my baby
I <3 you, my cutie : )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

youre adorable. Theadorable!

1:43 AM  

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