Friday, January 27, 2006

t. g. f. H.K. f.


Thank Goodness for HELLO KITTY Fridays!! : )

Who doesn't like Hello Kitty? and who doesn't like Fridays?
So Hello Kitty Friday seems like a natural and wonderful way to start the weekend. I'm pretty tired. This little kitty looks like she's going to sprinkle sleep dust in my eyes and let me wander off to Dreamland.

WOW how nice would that be?
hello kitty sleep : )

My plans for this weekend include going to San Diego to see my babe Richard : )

Lettme talk to you about richard's LOVE of SD. He was born and raised in SD. It's his home, his love, if SD was a person- he'd marry her haha.


okay okay enough about what RICHARD loves.. My turn haha
Okay I have a thing with animals. I love em. Like crazy.
Here are some I L-O-V-E lloooove ; )

Everyone loves monkeys

Since I came back from Thailand, I've had a thing for elephants : )

Im part eskimo so Huskies= YAY !!

Who can deny a kitten?

Finally- My love for FOOD is probably matched by NO other
ask my bf; we discussed every type of vegetable or fruit we new for about an hour. and then picked it up again later b/c I remembered more hahaha

WOW- I've posted far too many pics
Thus- to top it all off and make it completely and ridiculously over the top here is a picture of me and my sweety. I get to see him in like 9 hours!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

im so getting a San Diego tattoo. before i move. i decided.

3:42 PM  

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