Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I love Apples : )

When I say Apple I mean this:

Not some FRUIT. haha
I'm sitting at work. Trying to force the time to go by faster. Apple makes IPOD. I LOVE IPOD. Honestly- it's probably the best investment of my graduation money. It has provided me with hours of entertainment at work and not to mention helped me survive some LONG planes rides (can anyone say ITALY and an UMP-TEEN hour flight to get there?)
Apple helps pass time. Now I know there are a hundred and one other types of MP3 players but I don't own those ones otherwise this whole thing would be for them- geesssshh.

And I must say that Apple came up with a catchy advertising sceme to sell them as well. I mean look at this:

It's like me (if I could dance) holding an ipod haha.
And who doesn't like PINK? Exactly. I'm glad you're understanding this.

What I'm listening to right now is a band called The Honorary Title
The song is Petals- I love this song : )
Here are the Lyrics to what I'm listening to : ) hehe
Petals broke from tips of roses hidden underneath my arm. All the framed, different poses of places. I'll soon forget that I'll soon forget. Tell me again that part how you didn't feel a thing. That part how you never actually really ever did. And lift yourself from my grip but don't fall asleep. Nothing you say can or will ever penetrate these walls that I create. When you spew that barage of insulting words. No that isn't all, that isn't all. Five stitches seal the crease from the fit fueled by your aching. You're so temperamental darling with your little disease. I'm happy for you baby, but I don't wanna know.

I guess I just really like how this song sounds. Yea I'm not good at explaining these things.

But you want to know who's WONDERFUL at explaining music??
MY BOYFRIEND hehe (you know I have to mention him everytime- it just wouldn't be a real blog without it !)
SEE- he plays music

Aw my bf is so great- too bad no one but me will experience the full and completely weirdness that is HIM. Oh by the way- we're thinking about moving in together quite soon. Around May-ish.. Everyone is basically telling me it's too soon and it's not a great idea. I'm so glad I have people who SUPPORT me in my huge-life changing choices. BOO.
I know this might sound bad but here's my line of thought: I'm taking this as I did when I was moving in with Ang. I know that it'll be rough and could RUIN everything but it also could be GREAT.. and look- things with angela didn't turn out wonderful but our friendship has more than survived the bumpy patches. OK- enough of THAT.

In summary-

YAY for Ipods. Every ipod. Doesn't matter the shape or size- it's all good to me : )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we're gonna be soooo cool. no wait! we ARE soooo cool. and um, we HAVE BEEN sooo cool! yea.

8:34 AM  

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