Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend with fam and fun

Let's see, let's see.. Where to start?
Well friday I guess is the offical beginning of my weekend so I'll kick it off there. Friday after work I had plans to hang out with Ang (my roomie). I worked out beforehand then she came home and we decided to go out to dinner.
We picked up Catherine and headed over to BJ's (Catherine was craving a HUGE stuff potato). We decided to go to the BJ's with the SWAMP by it. If you don't know the swamp/cell phone story of mine and angela's- well you're missing out. The wait was forever b/c it was 730 or so on a friday night. The three of us had a great time catching up and making fun of our relationships (some of us are in DENIAL about even having a relationship hahha jjuuusst kidding : )) Ang had to cut it a little short b/c 1) she wasn't feeling so hot and 2) she wanted to see her boy before leaving to Palm Springs for the weekend.

The girls : )
I had a good time even tho I wanted to hang out a little more than that
So on to Saturday
Saturday day was set aside for me and Richard to go meet my family (it was richards first time! eekk). Of course an 8 year old's birthday party needs to be at like 10AM and I live like 80 miles away BOO. Richard had to drive up to my house at like the BUTT CRACK of dawn (he was there by 745AM!!).. Which means I was up that early too.. YUCK
I was trying to be all cutie nice and have breakfast made for him when he got there but he was Mr. Speedy-Gonzales and got to my house in an hour and a half when it normally takes 2 hours.. As soon as he arrived I cooked him some waffles, eggs and some hashbrowns (Yum that sounds real good right now)
He scarfed it down, we bummed around for a little bit and then it was time for me to actually get ready. We told my parents we would be there by 930. At 928 we got a call asking why we weren't there yet and my mom sounded upset. We were litterally turning onto their block.
It wasn't good Mom and John were obviously fighting. After a scene at Starbucks and the threat of not going at all, Mom and john worked it out and we headed up to LA.. I was way embarassed by it but Richard didnt care and was his normal, wonderful self : )
I had NO idea where we were going so of course we ended up getting a little lost. But we made it to my uncle's house at around 11 or 1030. From there on out it was fun.
Here's what we did:
We ate a big meal, my cousin opened her presents, played some darts, played with a furby, roy got his little girl to give him a hair cut (which we decided was a metal mullet), played with some random toys, and listened to my cousin "play" the piano.. All in all it was fun and I had a good time. I was worried about the whole 'richard meeting the fam' thing, but he always handles it so well. Richard really liked my uncle too.. Thought he was a riot (which he definately is haha)

Roy's metal Mullet : )

Fun with the Furby that my cousin got for Xmas

The birthday girl and Grandpa : )
Fun huh??
Well saturday night we watched Hotel Ruwanda (I'm not sure how to spell it). That was definately TOO MUCH for me.. I get too upset with those things.. I decided that I NEEDED to go out that night. To cheer myself up and whatnot.
Richard and I ended up going out to dinner with Dominque and her bf Peter.. The place we went to was a soul food place that had great atmosphere and was fun.. There was dancing afterwards but I think Dom was the only one that wanted to dance so she was over-ruled on this one. We just ate then hung out outside and talked. Peter seemed really tired and I KNOW I was and richard must have been too.. We all agreed we'd go back again tho. : )
Sunday richard and I played with Dom's parents dog. Her parents went out of town for the weekend so all of us agreed to watch her.. she's a GREAT dog. She was trained to be a dog for the handicapped but they decided that they really wanted to keep her and spoil her : )
She's a Golden Retriever. We didn't get any actual pics of her but here's kind of what she looks like.
But minus the snow b/c we live in Souther CA haha

We took her to a park and bought her toys and spoiled her like crazy.. I can't wait till richard and I get a kitty ( I think a dog may be too much for us in an apt- soo a kitty it is YAY).. I've been thinking of this cat thing and Ive decided I kind of want a red/orange kitty like this

I actually haven't really mentioned it too much to richard.. but I know we're DEFINATELY just going to the pound.. I'm not paying $$$ for a kitty when there are kitties dying..
yea so, I want to call it Rajah (like the tiger from Aladdin).. what can I say? I've been thinking about it a lot.. I'm excited haha

well I need to start doing a little work.. Adios : )


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thanks for introducing me to your family : )

and im excited for a cat. gonna be my first!

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