Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Water and ugliness

Can I just say that today I look like my face was beaten with the ugly stick.
It's wonderful and while I know it's not Richards fault I'ma go ahead and blame him for it haha. (sorry babe- wait no, I'm not really sorry! This is ALL your fault!!!haha)
Well let me explain the reason for my ugly-ness.. I have a gross cold sore on the right side of my lip. BOO.. and the only person I've been kissing is Richard- thus I blame the boy.
I know I'm leaving out some key details in my logic (like the fact that I've been getting cold sores since I was 7 years old) but, it's just easier this way.
Therefore today I will pay homeage to the OTC god of cold sores ABREVA:

FIX ME PLEASE. I feel like a freakin hunch-back. This creme has worked before (and it damn well better! Costs 14 bucks). Pray for me. Cold sores are ugly for everyone- not just me, those who have to look at my ugly mug. Oh those poor people. Think of the poor people and PRAY
haha okay that's enough of that.
Moving on
I LOVE water. Let me tell you why
1) it sustains life as we know it
2) it's a great filler if you're hungry
3) when I drink a bunch of it at work it allows me to get up 5 times a day to go to the bathroom and that's good b/c bathroom time = free break time haha

This is a WATERfall- goregious. Richard and I hiked here on oour way home from the SF/Monterey trip. My roomie says that the pics we took in front of it look like engagement photos hahha
but then I got to thinking and that would be a wonderful place to get photos taken for an engagement.. I supposed I should wait till I'm engaged to think about this.
HO HUM- another day in front of the computer.. YAY
but today is HUMPY DAY (wednesday) which means the weekend is coming up sooner than it feels. I may go see the boy this weekend- not 100% for sure. The fact that we have a dog living with us is really helping with my missing him. I like it.. Lord knows how it's going to be next week when the puppy leaves : (
Welp, it's about my lunch time. Ima go pee first (thank you H20!!) hahaha

As my english step dad john always says,


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