Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Black History Month

Today starts Black History Month! : )

Okay I'm not some huge history buff or anything but today I was blank on what to write a blog about. I was curious if anything cool happened recently on this day and here is what I was reminded of (and something that I find to be fascinating):

On Feb. 2, 1990, President F.W. de Klerk lifted the ban on the A.N.C. and announced Mandela's imminent release.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela is an exteme human rights activist that won the Nobel peace prize in 1993 for his indispensible role in ending Africa's apartheid. I was quite young when this whole thing was happening but I remember bits and pieces of it. Basically Africa was a racially divided state- non-whites had to carry around special identification papers and everything (and of course that's the LEAST of the problems the apartheid caused).
I remember thinking how crazy the whole thing was- my best friend at the time was black and I couldn't imagine why she would be seen any differently than I (especially in the eyes of the government). Well enough about me. I just wanted to say this man is absolutely amazing and is worthy of admiration (hell he was in prison for 5 years facing LIFE there).

Here are other African American Nobel Peace Prize winners:

Ralph Johnson Bunche : First African American to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for mediating the 1948 Arab-Israeli truce.

We all know Mr. King. He was the 2nd African American to receive the Nobel Peace Price.

That's really all I time to research right now. Perhaps I'll add more later. Have a great Black History month!! : )


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