Friday, April 07, 2006

And she's back!

It's FRIDAY.. I just have to put up the Hello Kitty pic ; )
Apparently you can print this pic out an color it! I think I might do that. Don't deny that coloring is fun- b/c I'm 23 and I still LOVE it.
Ok- moving on
This past month or so has been a dosey for me

I've had just about everything I've ever owned break on me. Here's my impressive list:
my car
my computer
my ipod
my cellphone

It was quite stressfull b/c on top of it all, I've been looking for a new place to live. Pheewww wweee. That was a mouthful eh? Well since all that's been going on, there's a lot of new things in my life that I'm loving.
Starting with my NEW CAR : )
It's a Scion xA

It's awesome.. I think i got a great deal. It was 15000 out the door- and it was 15000 BEFORE I took 500 off for being a recent college grad and another 600 or so for my trade in. woohoo
It came fully loaded with: Air conditioning, Pioneer sound system, a hook up for my ipod, power everything, AND it gets 31 MPG streets and 38 MPG highway (that's pretty much the best you can get instead of getting a hybrid!)
I'm so excited. The car is completely me. It's little and efficient : )

My next new toy is my new cell phone!

Yep that's right, I got a razor : ). It was only 50 bucks after I get the $50 rebate. I'm pretty excited about that still

Well those are my two new toys. I'm pretty happy about them. One big problem remains tho. My computer!
I don't know what to do. Here's what happened. I was walking with it in my hands and the dog tripped me and I dropped it. Now it doesn't really turn on. It starts to power up but then it turns itself off in like 5 seconds.. Im thinking a may have knocked something loose. Does anyone know where I could go to get it fixed cheap?? I'd LOVE the help.


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