Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Good Dog

About a month ago my roomie got a new dog. She made it her mission to save this thing. Here's what happened. Her friend got it for his girlfriend who wasn't allowed to have it. My roomie, of course, couldn't stand to see the dog go to the pound. So she offered to take it. Well now we have a dog.
Who wants a doggie to live like this? pet/rosewood-dog-cages.htm

Don't ask me what kind it is b/c I could NEVER tell you. Basically is looks like a black lab puppy (and she's full grown). My whole life I've had cats. I'm a cat person. And here is why:
This is the puppy herself!!

I came home 3 days ago, put my purse on the couch then got myself a snack. The dog was going crraazzyy so I took her out for a run (to get some of that energy out of her). After the run I was all sweaty and gross. I took a shower (a GREAT one, not anything like yesterdays song). Afterwards I change into Pj's and start getting ready for bed. Then I notice my purse is now on the floor- weird


I think - "oh no, what did the dog do?"
I rummage threw the purse and can't find that anything is missing (haven't seen much of the dog around either).. then I take step. Ew what is that hard wet plastic thing I just stepped on?
I'll tell you what it was- a COMPLETELYDEVOUREDD lip gloss. My brand new red fruit flavored lip gloss. The dog ate the ENTIRE thing- including most of the packaging. Now I'm searching for her so I can show her what a bad dog she's been. But when I find her all I can do is laugh b/c she has a red tint on her teeth and lips! Hahaha
So this isn't the lip gloss but it's the same packaging index.php?cPath=230_308

Freakin DOG- making me laugh when I'm pissed. That's it- no more lip gloss for her!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Well Frank settled down in the Valley
and hung his wild years
on a nail that he drove through
his wife's forehead
he sold used office furniture
out there on San Fernando Road
and assumed a $30,000 loan
at 15 1/4 % and put down payment
on a little two bedroom place
his wife was a spent piece of used jet trash
made good bloody marys
kept her mouth shut most of the time
had a little Chihuahua named Carlos
that had some kind of skin disease
and was totally blind. They had a
thoroughly modern kitchen
self-cleaning oven (the whole bit)
Frank drove a little sedan
they were so happy

One night Frank was on his way home
from work, stopped at the liquor store,
picked up a couple Mickey's Big Mouths
drank 'em in the car on his way
to the Shell station, he got a gallon of
gas in a can, drove home, doused
everything in the house, torched it,
parked across the street, laughing,
watching it burn, all Halloween
orange and chimney red then
Frank put on a top forty station
got on the Hollywood Freeway
headed north

Never could stand that dog"

-Tom Waits

4:42 PM  
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