Monday, April 17, 2006

SpongeBob SquarePants

Here is a story that was generously donated by my co-worker "Donna"

I don’t know if anyone has ever seen one of them but they look pretty cool. It's a Sponge Bob Squarepants TP holder. It's easy application too- peel off the backing and it just STICKS to the wall. You don't even need tools. And being a girl who isn't so good with the use of tools, that makes me happy.

Well- Donna got one of these for her bathroom. She lovingly stuck it to her wall. The same night she heard a loud clunking noise (so loud that it awoke her from a sound sleep). But thinking that it was nothing, she went back to sleep.

When she awoke in the morning, she went to the restroom to get ready and get her cell phone (she charges it there). Now to her surprise the door would NOT open. She tried with all her might. Threw her shoulder into the door with a running start, yet it refused to budge. Then it dawns on Donna that the reason the door won't budge is b/c of that sponge bob tp holder! It must be sticky side down. She grabs a spatula, sneaks it under the door and lifts up the tp holder. It works! But for only 3 seconds b4 she drops it and the door closes even further than it was. The spatula can't fit under the door anymore.

Donna is starting to panic. She NEEDS to get into her bathroom so she can get ready to go to work. Since her cell phone is stuck in the bathroom she is forced to use the internet to contact friends, loved ones, and random people from high school for help. And just her luck, no one can help.
Donna has a BRILIANT idea. It's sticky side down right?? Well, if she gets some water on it, it'll probably UN-stick. TA-DA

Donna grabs a straw and a glass of water and starts the tedious task of trying to get the water under the crack of the door. She tries to open the door again, unsuccessfully. Back to trying to get water under the door with a straw.

As she's laying there doing her best at a nearly impossible task, she's feeling quite ready to quit, and she begins to feel a little rumble. Donna realizes that there's an EARTHQUAKE happening. delta/concept04.htm

If matters weren't bad enough already, this is JUST what she needed. After a few mins everything settles down and she thinks 'that's it! I'm going full force at this door and giving it one last shot before I just call it quits!'

Donna steps about 20 feet back, gets into a linebacker position and RUNS full steam to knock that damned door down! All of a sudden BAM- SMACK. Donna is in her bathroom, hands on the counter, trying not to fall on her face. Apparently the water idea worked- it just takes a few minutes and an earthquake. Her day can now begin.

What a story and it's completely true.
Laugh it up b/c it didn't happen to you! : )


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