Friday, April 21, 2006

I think I’ll park HERE

I wonder if CA really does have America’s worst drivers. Well in this case it wasn’t technically driving.
Friday- Breakfast day.
At our offices about 85% of the departments have a breakfast potluck. Of course, accounting doesn’t do anything like that. There are only 6 of us and I can guarantee about 3 or 4 out of the 6 won’t want to participate. Because of this Donna and I decide that we need BAGELS. Gotta LOVE the jalapeño and cheese ones :) - they aren’t common though but Donna knows a place that has good ones. index.php/2005/06/

We go to the bagel shop. It’s in a shopping center with a Starbucks and there are only about 10 spots to park in. Not NEARLY enough. We try to go in to see (if by some act of God) we are lucky enough to get some parking there.
We can’t even get in the lot. And here is why. A woman driving a Lexus SUV decided that the best place for her to park was the entrance of the parking lot. showarticle/AID/138982

It’s as if the woman thought “oh there’s no parking in the lot, I’ll just park HERE- in the middle of the driveway.” GENIUS
Since she’s doing that I felt it was appropriate to wail on my horn. Which I did, eventually we find a way to drive around her. And when we do, this woman (who is CLEARLY 1) breaking the law 2) the most self centered person in CA) gives ME a look as if wailing on my horn was just sooo rude. (okay I'll admit it wasn't nice but I didn't pay for that horn to not use it! haha)
What a crazy lady
“Look at me, I have a luxury SUV. I can do whatever I want. Traffic laws don’t apply to me. Hoo hum. Doo dooo deee- La La Lah. WHAT- someone’s honking? At ME? Well that’s just rude.”
Either way, I’m sitting and enjoying a DELISH bagel and laughing. : )


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