Monday, January 30, 2006


Welcome to MONDAY!

Has anyone ever seen the movie Office Space? If you haven't I suggest you do so ASAP. GREAT movie. Pure comedy. I want to be Bill Lumberg- honestly.
I mean I just here myself saying "Yea, um, HI..." hahaha

I need to start wearing glasses like that too.

Any- who

Hope everyone had a great weekend. How was mine you ask?? Well... Let me tell you

Friday I was supposed to head over to my babe's house remember? Well stuff happened and Richard ended up coming to OC to see me : ).
worked our rather well if you ask me. hehe. Angela had people at our houe till around 4 in the morning b/c she was doing a photo shoot for the NAHA awards (
It was fun to see her at work and to hang out with the girls. If I can get some of the pics out of angela, I'll post them but they're in the editing process right now. I hope Ang places!
Richard and I woke up early to walk the dog (it was her last day with us b4 she wend home : ( )
Since it was her last day here, I insisted on taking her to the park and getting some cutie photos of her.

After that Richard and I were supposed to play some frisbee golf but we passed out and didn't wake up till 330 (frisbee started at like 3)
I wanted to shop so I dragged richard along with me and before we knew it, we were starving. Shopping was in Irvine and that's pretty close to one of my favorite resturants ever. TACO LOCO or Loco for short. They have to worlds best blacken tofu burger.. And I know I know- you probably don't like tofu BUT even people who aren't fond of tofu think this burger is pretty tastey..
If you live in the So Cal area I definately suggest you try it.


Needless to say the meal was excellent- it was Richards first time there and he really enjoyed the food- YAY!! It would be hard to live with a guy who hated the food that I love.. But we both like the same stuff for the most part. I'm excited- looks like the moving in thing just may work out hehehe

Saturday night we just hung out with ang and her boy Travis (a nice funny guy).. At around 12 midnight Richard and I and Ang had a mega-craving for Rite Aid icream (thrifty brand). Richard and I went on a search for an HOUR for an open store but we sadly unsuccessful.
We ended up just buying some random ice cream at the store

ore in the FV, HB area!! Plleeaaasee!!


This day was mostly dedicated to Richards essay- BOOOO
The good news is, since Richard was working and needed to be left alone, I decided to go shopping :)
The first stop was at BestBuy to use my giftcards from xmas/bday: here's what I bought: Edward Sissorhands, Big Fish, and Dodge Ball. All
for $2 thanks to my giftcard and smart shopping.

Next I stopped at Footies- a shoe store that sells shoes 3 for $25.
I went home watched Dodge Ball and wait some MORE for
Richard to finish his h/w

FINALLY at 4 he was done and we fell asleep. We woke up at 730 only to realize that we were supposed to meet/call my parents for dinner at 5. They called 4 times.. wow.. I felt bad
My folks still met with us and we had a wonderful dinner

At 1030Pm my baby left me to go back to SD.

THE END- (wow theyre always longer after the weekend)

Friday, January 27, 2006

t. g. f. H.K. f.


Thank Goodness for HELLO KITTY Fridays!! : )

Who doesn't like Hello Kitty? and who doesn't like Fridays?
So Hello Kitty Friday seems like a natural and wonderful way to start the weekend. I'm pretty tired. This little kitty looks like she's going to sprinkle sleep dust in my eyes and let me wander off to Dreamland.

WOW how nice would that be?
hello kitty sleep : )

My plans for this weekend include going to San Diego to see my babe Richard : )

Lettme talk to you about richard's LOVE of SD. He was born and raised in SD. It's his home, his love, if SD was a person- he'd marry her haha.


okay okay enough about what RICHARD loves.. My turn haha
Okay I have a thing with animals. I love em. Like crazy.
Here are some I L-O-V-E lloooove ; )

Everyone loves monkeys

Since I came back from Thailand, I've had a thing for elephants : )

Im part eskimo so Huskies= YAY !!

Who can deny a kitten?

Finally- My love for FOOD is probably matched by NO other
ask my bf; we discussed every type of vegetable or fruit we new for about an hour. and then picked it up again later b/c I remembered more hahaha

WOW- I've posted far too many pics
Thus- to top it all off and make it completely and ridiculously over the top here is a picture of me and my sweety. I get to see him in like 9 hours!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

15 mins till I'm DONE

What's on my mind (or on my tummy i guess) is this whole "fat" thing
I'm a vegetarian right? Supposed to be healthy right? hmm not so much
I still eat french fries and chips and evil-evil yet-oh-so-delicious CHOCOLATE
Okay am very aware of the fact that I am NOT FAT by any means. I weigh like 111 lbs. BUT I'm really freaked out about getting big.
Ever since I started this office job I can feel my clothes fitting differently. I'm definately not a size 1 anymore (and that's in GAP sizes which are bigger than all the rest.. believe me, I know, i worked there for 2 years).
I really want to be healthy. To work out 3-5 days a week. But when I get home it's like the motivation is gone. I'm so drained from the day that all I want to do is pop in a movie and become the freakin BLOB. I've been forcing myself to work out some.
I'm trying to drink water too ( i KNOW that'll help with my desk-time snacking)
but today i put on this STUPID pants and BOY am i thinking of how tight they are.

Feels like this:

OH well- I'll work out tonight and I drank 3 bottles of H20 today. Perhaps wearing my pants that make me feel fat is good motivation to work out. We'll just see.

It's 430 and I'm heading on home : )


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Water and ugliness

Can I just say that today I look like my face was beaten with the ugly stick.
It's wonderful and while I know it's not Richards fault I'ma go ahead and blame him for it haha. (sorry babe- wait no, I'm not really sorry! This is ALL your fault!!!haha)
Well let me explain the reason for my ugly-ness.. I have a gross cold sore on the right side of my lip. BOO.. and the only person I've been kissing is Richard- thus I blame the boy.
I know I'm leaving out some key details in my logic (like the fact that I've been getting cold sores since I was 7 years old) but, it's just easier this way.
Therefore today I will pay homeage to the OTC god of cold sores ABREVA:

FIX ME PLEASE. I feel like a freakin hunch-back. This creme has worked before (and it damn well better! Costs 14 bucks). Pray for me. Cold sores are ugly for everyone- not just me, those who have to look at my ugly mug. Oh those poor people. Think of the poor people and PRAY
haha okay that's enough of that.
Moving on
I LOVE water. Let me tell you why
1) it sustains life as we know it
2) it's a great filler if you're hungry
3) when I drink a bunch of it at work it allows me to get up 5 times a day to go to the bathroom and that's good b/c bathroom time = free break time haha

This is a WATERfall- goregious. Richard and I hiked here on oour way home from the SF/Monterey trip. My roomie says that the pics we took in front of it look like engagement photos hahha
but then I got to thinking and that would be a wonderful place to get photos taken for an engagement.. I supposed I should wait till I'm engaged to think about this.
HO HUM- another day in front of the computer.. YAY
but today is HUMPY DAY (wednesday) which means the weekend is coming up sooner than it feels. I may go see the boy this weekend- not 100% for sure. The fact that we have a dog living with us is really helping with my missing him. I like it.. Lord knows how it's going to be next week when the puppy leaves : (
Welp, it's about my lunch time. Ima go pee first (thank you H20!!) hahaha

As my english step dad john always says,

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I love Apples : )

When I say Apple I mean this:

Not some FRUIT. haha
I'm sitting at work. Trying to force the time to go by faster. Apple makes IPOD. I LOVE IPOD. Honestly- it's probably the best investment of my graduation money. It has provided me with hours of entertainment at work and not to mention helped me survive some LONG planes rides (can anyone say ITALY and an UMP-TEEN hour flight to get there?)
Apple helps pass time. Now I know there are a hundred and one other types of MP3 players but I don't own those ones otherwise this whole thing would be for them- geesssshh.

And I must say that Apple came up with a catchy advertising sceme to sell them as well. I mean look at this:

It's like me (if I could dance) holding an ipod haha.
And who doesn't like PINK? Exactly. I'm glad you're understanding this.

What I'm listening to right now is a band called The Honorary Title
The song is Petals- I love this song : )
Here are the Lyrics to what I'm listening to : ) hehe
Petals broke from tips of roses hidden underneath my arm. All the framed, different poses of places. I'll soon forget that I'll soon forget. Tell me again that part how you didn't feel a thing. That part how you never actually really ever did. And lift yourself from my grip but don't fall asleep. Nothing you say can or will ever penetrate these walls that I create. When you spew that barage of insulting words. No that isn't all, that isn't all. Five stitches seal the crease from the fit fueled by your aching. You're so temperamental darling with your little disease. I'm happy for you baby, but I don't wanna know.

I guess I just really like how this song sounds. Yea I'm not good at explaining these things.

But you want to know who's WONDERFUL at explaining music??
MY BOYFRIEND hehe (you know I have to mention him everytime- it just wouldn't be a real blog without it !)
SEE- he plays music

Aw my bf is so great- too bad no one but me will experience the full and completely weirdness that is HIM. Oh by the way- we're thinking about moving in together quite soon. Around May-ish.. Everyone is basically telling me it's too soon and it's not a great idea. I'm so glad I have people who SUPPORT me in my huge-life changing choices. BOO.
I know this might sound bad but here's my line of thought: I'm taking this as I did when I was moving in with Ang. I know that it'll be rough and could RUIN everything but it also could be GREAT.. and look- things with angela didn't turn out wonderful but our friendship has more than survived the bumpy patches. OK- enough of THAT.

In summary-

YAY for Ipods. Every ipod. Doesn't matter the shape or size- it's all good to me : )

Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend with fam and fun

Let's see, let's see.. Where to start?
Well friday I guess is the offical beginning of my weekend so I'll kick it off there. Friday after work I had plans to hang out with Ang (my roomie). I worked out beforehand then she came home and we decided to go out to dinner.
We picked up Catherine and headed over to BJ's (Catherine was craving a HUGE stuff potato). We decided to go to the BJ's with the SWAMP by it. If you don't know the swamp/cell phone story of mine and angela's- well you're missing out. The wait was forever b/c it was 730 or so on a friday night. The three of us had a great time catching up and making fun of our relationships (some of us are in DENIAL about even having a relationship hahha jjuuusst kidding : )) Ang had to cut it a little short b/c 1) she wasn't feeling so hot and 2) she wanted to see her boy before leaving to Palm Springs for the weekend.

The girls : )
I had a good time even tho I wanted to hang out a little more than that
So on to Saturday
Saturday day was set aside for me and Richard to go meet my family (it was richards first time! eekk). Of course an 8 year old's birthday party needs to be at like 10AM and I live like 80 miles away BOO. Richard had to drive up to my house at like the BUTT CRACK of dawn (he was there by 745AM!!).. Which means I was up that early too.. YUCK
I was trying to be all cutie nice and have breakfast made for him when he got there but he was Mr. Speedy-Gonzales and got to my house in an hour and a half when it normally takes 2 hours.. As soon as he arrived I cooked him some waffles, eggs and some hashbrowns (Yum that sounds real good right now)
He scarfed it down, we bummed around for a little bit and then it was time for me to actually get ready. We told my parents we would be there by 930. At 928 we got a call asking why we weren't there yet and my mom sounded upset. We were litterally turning onto their block.
It wasn't good Mom and John were obviously fighting. After a scene at Starbucks and the threat of not going at all, Mom and john worked it out and we headed up to LA.. I was way embarassed by it but Richard didnt care and was his normal, wonderful self : )
I had NO idea where we were going so of course we ended up getting a little lost. But we made it to my uncle's house at around 11 or 1030. From there on out it was fun.
Here's what we did:
We ate a big meal, my cousin opened her presents, played some darts, played with a furby, roy got his little girl to give him a hair cut (which we decided was a metal mullet), played with some random toys, and listened to my cousin "play" the piano.. All in all it was fun and I had a good time. I was worried about the whole 'richard meeting the fam' thing, but he always handles it so well. Richard really liked my uncle too.. Thought he was a riot (which he definately is haha)

Roy's metal Mullet : )

Fun with the Furby that my cousin got for Xmas

The birthday girl and Grandpa : )
Fun huh??
Well saturday night we watched Hotel Ruwanda (I'm not sure how to spell it). That was definately TOO MUCH for me.. I get too upset with those things.. I decided that I NEEDED to go out that night. To cheer myself up and whatnot.
Richard and I ended up going out to dinner with Dominque and her bf Peter.. The place we went to was a soul food place that had great atmosphere and was fun.. There was dancing afterwards but I think Dom was the only one that wanted to dance so she was over-ruled on this one. We just ate then hung out outside and talked. Peter seemed really tired and I KNOW I was and richard must have been too.. We all agreed we'd go back again tho. : )
Sunday richard and I played with Dom's parents dog. Her parents went out of town for the weekend so all of us agreed to watch her.. she's a GREAT dog. She was trained to be a dog for the handicapped but they decided that they really wanted to keep her and spoil her : )
She's a Golden Retriever. We didn't get any actual pics of her but here's kind of what she looks like.
But minus the snow b/c we live in Souther CA haha

We took her to a park and bought her toys and spoiled her like crazy.. I can't wait till richard and I get a kitty ( I think a dog may be too much for us in an apt- soo a kitty it is YAY).. I've been thinking of this cat thing and Ive decided I kind of want a red/orange kitty like this

I actually haven't really mentioned it too much to richard.. but I know we're DEFINATELY just going to the pound.. I'm not paying $$$ for a kitty when there are kitties dying..
yea so, I want to call it Rajah (like the tiger from Aladdin).. what can I say? I've been thinking about it a lot.. I'm excited haha

well I need to start doing a little work.. Adios : )

Friday, January 20, 2006

Sleepless nights suck!

F*CKIN COOFEFEEEEE.. I don't even LIKE it all that much and I'm drinking it as I type this thing- and YES it's sugary GIRLY coffee that some people think isn't REAL coffee at all but it's yummier that way so : P haha
OK for the past WEEK i haven't been sleeping well- what is REALLY going on with this?.. it's completely annoying the hell out of me too.. I mean i'm irritable, emotional and I haven't been working out like I want to.
Here's what happens: I get home from work at 5ish and I'm usually hungry so I grab something quick to eat. THEN I start to realize how tired I am BUT I have about 3954958 things I need to accomplish like laundry or groceries or cleaning or even freakin showering.. so I'm irritated b/c i can't sleep when I want.. then I call the bf.. stupid of me probably b/c it kind of eats up the time that I don't have.. and I call with no reason other than to say hi.. I mean I love him and I miss him SOOO much but I kind of think I should have a reason to call him now. We;ve been bickering more than usual and I know it's me.
I'm tired. I hate the feeling of being long distance (but I still love him and want to be with him).

I just want to be here again!!

Okay b*tching about it is dumb.. I get to see my baby tomorrow! I know everyone is excited for me haha.. that way I'll be super happy.. awww look how cutie he is..

I had a mini work crisis this week today too.. I thought that my boss hated me. That wasn't fun. But then we had a meeting and I did really well in collection soo he loves me again! haha
He even gave me a high five. This actually kind of weirded me out in a good way.. I was perplexed b/c 1) I've never been high fived by a boss 2) I don't even remember the last time I was high fived at ALL (probably over a YEAR or two haha)..
but it made me feel a hell of a lot better about my job security.. I mean, it seems like unless I do an amazing job, I'm in trouble.. HAHAH lucky for me they think I've been doing well : )

Tonight I get to hang out with the roomies. We're heading out to LA to see Metal Skool. Here is what metal skool is:


it's going to be wonderful to have a night of fun with the friends.
I'm supposed to wake up early the next day (and when I say early I mean early- like 7AM on my day off!!) and drive BACK to LA to see some family. But my mom offered me a way out and I'm seriously considering taking it
See- my bf's supposed to come and meet the FAM for the first time.. But apparently the fam that we're visiting are on rough grounds and she's afraid there may be a scene. Mom my thinks that this won't leave a good impression on the bf so she suggested us not going. Well I know for a fact that my honey won't care if there's a scene or anything BUT I also know that I'm going to be tired and so is he.
Thus, we may not go b/c of the tireness but we'll SAY it's b/c we're scared my fam will make a scene.. haha- I'm bad.. it is my cousin's 8th bday.. blah- why does an 8 year old need a party that starts at 9 AM on a saturday?
I'll just buy her a cute present and give it to her next time I see her maybe?
BOO- having a conscience is NO FUN.

okay I have a lot to do today.. I'm off.. have an awesome FRIIIDDAAYYY! : )

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Road Trip CA Continued

Our trip started on EARLY thursday morning (5am- an ungodly hour but richard said he didn't mind). We wanted to beat the normal rush hour traffic in LA and we did.. Lettme just say that richard was a complete sweetheart and drove the ENTIRE way b/c i was scared to drive his car.. Our first stop wasn't till we were outside of LA.. It was just a normal rest stop on our way into the mountains.
Then it was on through a big tunnel (where we held our breath OF COURSE). OUr next stop was a scenic view on the ocean. There we met some nice sqirls or chipmunks or whatever they're called.. One jumed on me so I would feed it- that was pretty much awesome. See??
After that we somehow ended up in Pismo Beach at a Butterfly Park. Well a state reserve park but WHATEVER. We saw a BUNCH of birds doing IT- hahaha.. then we walked along the beach looking for sand dollars.. Richard is now guilty of a federal crime b/c he took some home with him even tho i told him not to.. he just 'forgot' they were in his hand.. SILLY BOY. We got some cutie pictures of us on a tree branch and of me screaming and freaking out about how cold the water was : ) (it was sooo nice of richard to bust out the camera while i was DYING in the cold abyss of an ocean- thanks for the help baby)
That was FUN

hmm then we saw some elephant seals and arrived our hotel around 6ish.
Friday was spent at the aquarium. Can I just say I LOVE THE AQUARIUM!!
and here are a few reasons why:
1) peguins
2) Sting Rays
3) HUGE Tuna
4) cutie birds
5) Jellyfish

then Saturday was SF
ooh man we did A LOT that day
We went to the Golden Gate Bridge (where i swear we had a mini photo shoot session haha), a DELICIOUS japanese place, Fishermans warf, got our picture drawn, shopped, then went to China Town (we spent most of our time there shopping around and seeing crazy people), then at the end of the day we tried to find some bar type place to watch some bands but ditched that for a yummy thai meal at the golden gate bridge..

Sunday we drove home. that was an adventure too.. I kept feeling car sick so we stopped often so i wouldn't puke.. my baby was really good about it : )
On one of the stops we hiked to a beatiful waterful.. i'm a good hiker!! i swear hahaha- the waterfall was our second photo session of the weekend... i;m really glad we have a bunch of pictures to remind us of our wonderful vacation together. : )

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I love food!!

so i LOVE food.. LOVE it- i think in my past life i was either a SERIOUSLY obese person or a chef. This should be fun for me!!
The BBC asked people to vote for the top 50 things everyone should try a bite of in their lifetime. Bold the ones you've eaten.

1. Fresh fish- yum, can we say SU-SHI? : ) 1
2. Lobster 2
3. Steak 3
4. Thai food- LOVE IT my absolute fav 4
5. Chinese food 5
6. Ice cream 6
7. Pizza- freakin rasied on it and burgers 7
8. Crab 8
9. Curry- eating some as i type 9
10. Prawns 10
11. Moreton Bay Bugs
12. New England Clam chowder 11
13. Barbeque 12
14. Pancakes 13
15. Pasta 14
16. Mussels 15
17. Cheesecake 16
18. Lamb 17
19. Cream tea- hm i drink my tea with cream in it- is that what this means??
20. Alligator
21. Oysters 18
22. Kangaroo
23. Chocolate- i am a chocolate addict (and the GOOD stuff not crappy american kinds haha- i'm a chocolate PRISS) 19
24. Sandwiches 20
25. Greek food 21
26. Burgers 22
27. Mexican food- HI i live in southern CA, you have to be DEAD to not eat and LOVE mexican food here 23
28. Squid 24
29. American diner breakfast 25
30. Salmon 26
31. Venison- actually vomitted after eating this 27
32. Guinea pig
33. Shark
34. Sushi 28
35. Paella
36. Barramundi
37. Reindeer
38. Kebab 29
39. Scallops 30
40. Australian meat pie
41. Mango 31
42. Durian fruit- gotta love thailand haha 32
43. Octopus 33
44. Ribs 34
45. Roast beef 35
46. Tapas 35
47. Jerk chicken/pork 36
48. Haggis- PASS
49. Caviar 37
50. Cornish Pastry

hmm 37 out of 50.. not too bad i guess.. i've basically tried 75% of the top 50 things youre should eat before you die.. wow and i'm only 23.. impressive hahaha
or not

and it was COOL bye

Road trip CA

This is what our car looked like when we were done with the road trip up to freakin

monterey this weekend!!

well... or not

but i swear that we developed a good layer of dirt
Richard and I decided it would be fun to drive up along the CA coast line- we left EALRY on thursday morning and got to the hotel in monterey at around 5 or 6pm that same night
our first night there we were pretty pooped
but OMG i was the happiest girl of all time when i found out that there was a WHOLE FOODS near our hotel.. i LOVEEEE Whole Foods.. and there isn't one close to were i live (which makes NO sense b/c i supposedly live in one of the healthiest counties in the nation- BOO)
I made richard boy shop around there with me at least 3 times over the weekend
for some reason i have a really weird food obession.. but it's a healthy obession- hmm or at least i tell myself that it is haha
well here is where we were on Thurs, Fri and Sun (we spent saturday in SF!!)

Beautiful huh??

I thought so too. i was a little more cloudy than this b/c it's winter time but still wonderful
Having time alone with my baby is hard to get sometime
we each have friends and family that wanna see us so much.. it kind of takes away from our alone time together. but we had 4 COMPLETE days of it this weekend- no work no school no other friends.. oh wow just thinking about how much time we had makes me smile


okay that was my richard cutie moment
im waiting for richard to send me the pics as we speak and a soon as he get em to me and i get them downloaded i'll post pics of our wonderful 4 day get away : )